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Prepping for success in the NY & California Bar Exams

You’ve made the decision to take the NY or California Bar Exam, but how do you best utilise your preparation time?

As I have discussed in my previous blogs, qualifying as a US attorney in either California or New York is a valuable attribute to have in the portfolio of an international lawyer. But obtaining a US qualification is an ambitious task. The Bar Exams are highly challenging and require a substantial commitment to successfully navigate. To pass the California or New York Bar Exams as a non-US trained lawyer or law student, you need to follow an established system to learn the law and apply that law on the Bar Exam. This is where BARBRI comes in.

For over 50 years BARBRI has been preparing US law students to pass the Bar Exam. We have developed an effective and efficient Bar Exam curriculum and training method. The BARBRI International Bar Review Programme is specifically tailored for non-US trained law students or lawyers, and includes teaching modules designed to familiarise an international student with the US legal system. We offer care and instruction that US-based law students and lawyers do not receive in their preparation courses.

The International Bar Review Programme runs for either 6 or 10 months, and begins with our Foundations of US Law module. Foundations of US Law is a 90-hour self-directed segment, introducing the US legal system and the seven cores subjects tested in the Bar Exam. The remainder of the course curriculum goes through each subject tested on the Bar Exam, starting with pre-recorded lectures presented by highly regarded US law professors. Students are provided lecture handouts, detailed subject outlines, and hundreds of practice questions on each subject. The practice questions come in the form of multiple choice and mock essay questions that are submitted for grading and comment. Most of the course content is delivered online, which provides for flexibility.

One of the great features of the BARBRI International Bar Review Programme is that the curriculum and educational software assigns additional homework specific to each student’s problem areas, thus ensuring that a student’s learning is comprehensive and complete. Basically, the programme tracks a student’s performance on various homework assignments, and will reinforce areas where the student’s performance is weak. The result is that each student receives a personalised study plan that, if followed, will thoroughly prepare each individual to succeed at the Bar Exam.

Our curriculum assigns mock exams throughout the schedule to test performance, and builds in review weeks to allow the students time to catch up in the areas they deem necessary. BARBRI provides live mentors who are qualified US attorneys well versed in the BARBRI International Bar Review Programme to work with the students. BARBRI provides everything you need to pass the Bar Exam, from black letter law instruction to specific exam taking techniques.

Ultimately your success on the Bar Exam depends on what you put into your preparation. BARBRI gives you the most effective method of preparation. The execution is up to you.

Chris Jorgenson, Legal Manager, BARBRI For more details on the AOL courses visit: http://www.draacademy.ae/international-law-qualifications/us-bar-qualification/